Belgium's Banksys deploys Idealx's PKI digital ID software

Source: Idealx

Banksys - Belgium's electronic payment system leader - is implementing IDX-PKI from OpenTrust to centralize and strengthen a critical application: the management of digital identities.

IDEALX, the European provider of security & trust infrastructure (OpenTrust) has been selected to supply an integrated front-line solution.

Banksys develops and manages retail payment systems for government, businesses, traders and individuals. It also handles electronic payments, and develops state of the art electronic-payment solutions for customers in Belgium and abroad. Banksys guarantees optimal security for transactions. As a result of this constant effort, statistics show that fraud in the Belgian clearing system is among the lowest in the world.

Electronic payment systems are evolving rapidly, and Banksys is constantly offering its customers new innovative services. These services require the highest degree of security, and Banksys has selected IDX-PKI software as a critical infrastructure to enhance the security of its applications.

Key benefits of the IDEALX choice are:

  • Proven PKI software (PKI) delivering a complete set of services (including strong authentication of users, servers and VPNs, electronic signatures and confidentiality)
  • Integrated support for the Banksys-DEP hardware security modules that store private keys from Certification Authorities
  • Management and migration from existing Certification Authorities and published certificates
  • Real time extension or creation of new Certification Authorities
  • Leading European PKI solution

IDEALX's OpenTrust software and related professional services constitute a global offering allowing fast implementation. The initial implementation was completed in less than 2 months, including technical integration and training.

"Open Source IDX-PKI allowed easy integration into Banksys' complex technical architecture through its high level of security and openness. IDEALX references list across Europe, and IDEALX PKI expertise was determinant in our evaluation", said Peter Johannes, Banksys' Head of Service, Security Architecture & Policies.

He added, "The project was managed as planned and IDEALX demonstrated a high level of professionalism and reactivity. Banksys' team was trained by highly experienced consultants and will very soon be able to take over the future steps of the project extension and rollout on its own. The Banksys Hardware Security Module (DEP) has been used in the project and is now certified with IDX-PKI. The overall security of the entire infrastructure is enhanced and we anticipate rapid satisfaction from our customers because we have new secured services. IDEALX is now a critical piece of the Banksys trust infrastructure and we are already working on extending our security services to meet new requirements. We share a number of values – among them, innovation, integrity and high security."

Olivier Guilbert, CEO of IDEALX, says: "Banksys' choice was based on an in-depth technical and commercial evaluation which demonstrated again that the OpenTrust software both meets Banksys complex requirements and provides fast ROI through the Open Source approach.

"We value Banksys as a key customer joining the growing list of European large corporations and governments that are already using IDEALX OpenTrust such as Michelin, Total, AGF, Areva, Cetrel, Sintia and the French Ministry of Finance."

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