Nationwide deploys NCR's next generation ATMs

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) has announced that Nationwide Building Society is installing the next generation of NCR's automated teller machines (ATMs) with Intelligent Deposit – the Personas M Series 76 – in its branches throughout the UK, making this the first deployment of the Personas 76 in the UK.

The roll-out of 170 of these new units is currently underway.

Using its new flagship Cardiff branch, Nationwide has brought multi-channel banking to the high street as part of its programme to invest £300 million in improving access to services for Nationwide members. Members can now interact with the building society in the branch using the teller or a range of self-service technologies, depending on their preference. Integral to this concept is NCR's newest ATM with Intelligent Deposit which has been piloted in 10 Nationwide branches over the last three months.

Kevin Scott-Evans, head of ATM Services at Nationwide, comments, "'Self-Serve' is our brand to promote the latest multi-transaction ATMs to our members. We were the first financial institution in the UK to launch intelligent deposit at the ATM with NCR. Nationwide is investing £300 million in improving access to services for members by driving improvements in our service levels across our postal, phone, internet, self-service and face-to-face channels. 'Self-Serve' forms part of this investment and is showcased in our new flagship branch in Cardiff."

NCR designed the Personas M Series 76 following extensive human factors studies at NCR's global research and development facility in Dundee. With a centralised screen and compact user interface, unnecessary hand and eye movements are minimised. This makes it easier to use, increases security by reducing the potential for shoulder surfing and minimises the footprint.

Rachel Nash, vice president of NCR's Financial Solutions Division for UK and Ireland commented, "NCR has taken a new approach to the design of its Personas M Series 76 ATM. NCR has created a user-centric ATM with an improved look and feel. The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive from Nationwide’s members and financial institutions globally that have also deployed the solution."

Nationwide’s newly-branded 'Self-Serve' solution can be card- or passbook-activated and provides an extensive range of transactions in addition to traditional cash withdrawal and account transactions. This includes automated cash or cheque deposit, where the customer receives an image of the cheque on their receipt as proof of deposit and/or breakdown of the cash denominations deposited printed on the customers' receipt.

"NCR has supported the delivery of this project within an aggressive timescale, providing excellent project management and training for our branch and helpdesk staff, in addition to the hardware," Said Scott-Evans.

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