Identity Theft 911 inks Utah First Credit Union deal

Source: Utah First Credit Union

Utah First Credit Union is pleased to announce a new partnership with Identity Theft 911, the nation's leading provider of identity theft resolution and education services.

Utah First members who become victimized by America's fastest-growing crime will now have access to an expert fraud advocate who will walk them through the crisis every step of the way.

"We chose Identity Theft 911 because we wanted an industry leader on board to help our members with the difficult tasks associated with reclaiming their identity," said Chris Mazuran, Director of Marketing at Utah First CU. "We felt strongly that the advocacy approach would best serve our members when faced with the difficult process of isolating fraud and putting their credit and good name back in order."

If a member of Utah First Credit Union becomes a victim of identity theft, a personal advocate will work one-on-one with them through the entire resolution process. Some components of the service include:

  • Contacting key parties to minimize the damages to personal finances and credit
  • Placing credit file fraud alerts with all three major credit bureaus
  • Case file creation to assist law enforcement and insurance agencies
  • Completing the Federal Trade Commission Fraud Victim Affidavit
  • A full year of credit monitoring and fraud monitoring
  • All services apply to immediate family members

Additionally, all members will have access to proactive educational materials through Identity Theft 911's website. Amidst the plethora of information, members will find updates about current scams and how to avoid them, tips to help foil identity thieves, and studies and statistics about the crime. All services are at no extra cost to the member.

"Identity Theft 911's online resources provide our members with information on all types of identity fraud, and give practical advice on how to avoid identity theft," continued Mazuran. "We were very impressed with the online educational content offered by Identity Theft 911."

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