Mesirow offers Investigo online reporting system to broker dealer network

Source: Investigo

Investigo - provider of the financial services industry's fastest-selling practice management system - announced today that Mesirow Financial, a leading clearing firm based in Chicago, has signed an agreement to offer Investigo's web-based data consolidation and reporting software to its network of 70 broker/dealers (B/Ds).

Ruth Hannenberg, senior managing director and head of the Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisor Services group at Mesirow Financial, said, "While clearing and execution is the cornerstone of our business, we go beyond the basics to address a broad range of our clients' needs, including recruiting and retaining quality employees. Investigo's practice management system goes a long way in helping us achieve that broader goal. With benefits for both our B/D home offices and their individual advisors, it's a powerful recruiting tool--and a competitive advantage for our firm."

Gayle Gipson, senior vice president, Mesirow Financial B/D and IA Services, explained that Mesirow Financial was initially looking for a data aggregation tool and considered products from several leading data aggregation firms. "But we found that Investigo offered so much more - enterprise data aggregation as well as contact management, performance reporting and compliance tools - it's a complete product."

Dan Cushing, senior vice president, Mesirow Financial B/D and IA Services, added "Investigo's unique system provides an effective and cost-efficient solution for our B/Ds, who otherwise have to document and track significant amounts of compliance data manually. The system is invaluable for addressing requirements like books and records rules."

Investigo automatically updates, consolidates and reconciles client data, and provides a single portal for asset tracking, client management and regulatory compliance - streamlining practice management and enabling better client service.

Investigo CEO Tom Rozman said, "Mesirow Financial is investing in technology that not only gives them a competitive advantage, but also provides significant benefits to their B/D firms and their advisors."

Added Cushing, "We also appreciate that Investigo truly understood and respected the relationships we have with our B/D clients."

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