Intermost Corporation upgrades China Equity Exchange Platform

Source: Intermost Corporation

Intermost Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: IMOT) - a leading electronic equity exchange service provider in China, has completed three months of intensive revisions and upgrades on the China Equity Exchange Platform V1.1

On May 16, 2006, China's first online equity exchange system - the China Equity Exchange Platform V1.0 - was officially launched and immediately gathered a lot of buzz and sensational reviews from the investment community. The China Equity Exchange Platform is a breakthrough in exchange methods, and leading national media and government offices in China have published numerous articles and journals highly praising the efficiency and technology.

Since the launch of the China Equity Exchange Platform V1.0, Intermost Corporation has continued its optimization with continual upgrades and improvements, while partnering with equity exchange centers. Through this upgrading, the platform has improved significantly in its stability, security and efficiency. Investors can now complete online transactions and real-time capital settlements more effectively.

Intermost Corporation has also designed an advanced portal website for the equity market. The website is user-friendly, and features solid functionality along with abundant investor information.

Mr. Xiangxiong Deng, acting CEO of Intermost Corporation said, "The new China Equity Exchange Platform V1.1 is highly automated, providing more convenient services than V1.0. Intermost Corporation spares no expense in optimizing our platform and relevant systems. We promise to offer the equity market a world-class platform and top quality services."

Mr. Deng also mentioned, "English and traditional Chinese versions of the portal website will soon be launched online. We are constructing it to become a leading portal channel for the China equity market and overseas investors."

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