Tap Solutions reports Australian contract

Source: Tap Solutions

TAP Solutions (TAP) continues its expansion in the market and reference data management industry, signing a leading Australian financial services firm.

This unnamed client marks the third in six months for TAP, following wins at The Olayan Group in March and Mizuho Securities USA in May.

"We're seeing tremendous growth in sales because of the speed in which we can replace custom-built securities masters with a single, consolidated database," says TAP's President and COO, Bob Bell. "TAPMaster is an enabling data platform that allows the ongoing integration of multiple new vendor feeds and applications to meet the needs of progressive and evolving businesses."

With 21 out-of-the-box feed managers and data management modules that deploy data to downstream systems and users, installation of TAPMaster has already taken place at all three of these new clients' operations centres. TAPMaster is now supported on three continents, further illustrating TAP's delivery capabilities and vaulting the firm into the global marketplace.

"Our clients now reside in the North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions, all supported from our offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver," says Conal Campbell, TAP's Sales and Alliances Manager. "TAP's focus on turn-key product design allows clients to install TAPMaster in 24 hours, enabling users to query and publish from a populated database within a week. This ease of use and rapid installation gives our clients a clear advantage in bringing new services to market."

TAP expects more international sales in September, as well as the release of several new feed managers from some of the world's leading data vendors.

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