MarketXS implements Screen Consultants' Infomatch


MarketXS and Screen Consultants, today, announced that they have entered into an agreement with respect to the use of Screen’s INFOmatch software. MarketXS, a leading provider of market data technology and trading solutions whose business is rapidly expanding, has completed the search for a professional system supporting the daily financial administration processes.

Over the past couple of months, the vendor compared INFOmatch with different systems, supporting contract management. The company focused on market data contract management systems rather than generic back-office systems, because of the complex nature of market data contracts and pricing structures. INFOmatch was chosen because MarketXS was impressed by its ease-of-use and structured billing process that helps MarketXS to serve its clients even better. In the next couple of months the software is planned to be rolled out to some 22 end-users, spread over MarketXS’ European offices, starting at the Amsterdam headquarters. The system will support MarketXS’ back-office processes, in particular billing to customers and contract management.

MarketXS CEO, Floris Alkemade comments: "We are happy to implement INFOmatch as our content management and billing system. MarketXS’ rapid growth has made it necessary to look at a back office system that can handle more complex administrative processes and INFOmatch really serves our needs. For MarketXS the introduction of INFOmatchâ is another solid pillar for the further extension of our successful company".

On behalf of Screen Consultants, John Lathouwers, Global Sales Manager states that the company is honoured to welcome MarketXS as a customer. "So far, INFOmatch’s install base consisted of financial institutions. The deal with MarketXS is INFOmatch’s first installation at a technology provider and represents Screen’s entry into a promising new market".

In addition, MarketXS and Screen Consultants announced that they are in far-reaching talks about using MarketXS’ infrastructure for hosting the INFOmatchâ software, for those clients who wish to run INFOmatch in a Software-As-a-Service model.

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