Cash Now launches e-payments virtual terminal platform

Source: Cash Now

Cash Now Corporation (Cash Now) announced today that it has launched and integrated the Cash Now Virtual Terminal web-based platform for processing electronic payments for the payday loan industry.

Virtual Terminal is by far the most advanced web-based platform for processing electronic payments available today. With its easy-to-use, yet powerful user interface, Virtual Terminal enables Cash Now licensees and system users to schedule a single transaction or a series of recurring transactions with a few simple keystrokes. Virtual Terminal supports the processing of credit card, debit card and electronic check (ACH/ATM) transactions. These transactions can be processed in real-time or can be scheduled to occur at a future date designated by the user. Virtual Terminal's powerful re-presentment options can be configured to re-attempt or even use a secondary payment method to collect items that are returned unpaid.

Cash Now continues to integrate its technologies with other payday loan sub prime credit reporting agencies and identify potential bad loans and reduce loss exposures for the Cash Now licensees utilizing the company technology. This improved feature has the potential to result in more potential profits for Cash Now Licensees.

The Cash Now management team sees a huge potential and an additional revenue stream for Cash Now with this integrated technology.

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