Rolfe & Nolan announces five-year RISC renewal for Triland USA


Rolfe & Nolan Systems Inc. announced a five-year renewal by Triland USA, Inc. for RISC, Rolfe & Nolan's comprehensive futures and options back-office processing system, and e-Route, its Internet / intranet data formatting and delivery module. As part of an ongoing commitment to its Application Service Provider (ASP) business model, Rolfe & Nolan will provide all hardware, communications, application processing, and exchange connectivity requirements to Triland.

"Rolfe & Nolan's software solutions satisfy our business requirements well. We're also pleased with the efficiencies achieved by outsourcing our operational and infrastructure management to them via their ASP offering," said Angelo Gibaldi, general manager and CFO of Triland USA. "We have already seen enhanced processing performance, and have eliminated the need to divert resource from our core business competencies."

As part of the renewal, Triland USA also added Rolfe & Nolan's Task Automation Module to its existing product suite. With this module, a firm can reduce internal cost and overhead by automating day-to-day tasks such as reconciliation of positions and cash between both exchange and counterparty; customer communication; running a program; sending e-mail and archiving data. This removes the need for manual intervention, and delivers more timely and accurate reporting of business critical information.

"As the industry moves toward STP solutions, we aim to automate and outsource our applications and processes," said Gibaldi. "By leveraging the expertise of industry professionals like Rolfe & Nolan, we can continue to provide the highest quality service to our customers and more effectively build our business."

"Triland's five-year renewal is yet another example of the industry trend toward outsourced solutions through an ASP vendor," said Bob Sylverne, chief executive officer of Rolfe & Nolan Inc. "More and more firms are realizing the improved performance and cost efficiencies that can be achieved by outsourcing the management of hardware, applications, and connectivity to experienced ASP vendors like Rolfe & Nolan."

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