Orchestria talks up compliance technology

Source: Orchestria

Orchestria Corporation today issued a mid year progress update demonstrating its continued leadership position in the market for software that helps organizations assure that their employees comply with all critical regulatory and company policies associated with electronic communication.

The New York-headquartered company now has more than 30 major corporations that have deployed its Active Policy Management (APM) platform, including many of the world's largest financial institutions. Collectively, these organizations apply Orchestria's technology to more than 30 million messages daily ensuring that more than 400,000 individual users comply with regulatory, intellectual property, human resource, financial/legal, and customer policies both externally and internally when sending and receiving electronic communications.

Orchestria's solution analyzes employee e-mails, instant message conversations, Web activity and blog entries for evidence of non-compliance with regulatory and company policy. It can prevent both internal and external messages in breach of policy by alerting the user before the message is sent in real-time, and, if configured to do so, can also send a copy of any suspicious message to the organization's compliance department or human resources department for further review.

"More companies are realizing that their messaging systems may be the most powerful but least controlled application in the entire enterprise and see this issue as a top good governance priority," said Bo Manning, chief executive officer of Orchestria. "Using policy management to identify, prevent and deter this type of activity is becoming a necessity in all organizations that use electronic communication to conduct business on a daily basis."

Confirming Mr. Manning's view of the market, a recent study by the analyst firm Radicati Group found that compliance and policy management solutions will be deployed to over 500 million mailboxes within the next 4 years.

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