Norwich Union to implement Aprimo marketing technology

Source: Aprimo

The UK's biggest insurer, Norwich Union, part of Aviva, plans to use EMM technology from Aprimo to drive down costs, track marketing results and enhance the customer experience through more effective marketing programmes.

Norwich Union will make use of the Aprimo EMM solution to support its large marketing department. Historically, staff managed marketing ideas, plans and financials using a myriad of different methods such as spreadsheets, databases and word documents. The company's recent acquisition of motoring organisation RAC prompted it to rethink this approach and adopt a new marketing strategy that reflected the combined requirements. Norwich Union insures one in seven motor vehicles and has a 14 per cent share of this market. For the company as a whole, the Aprimo EMM solution will avoid costly overruns, by providing greater visibility of marketing spend and the ability to track results.

The solution will also provide Norwich Union with a full audit history of each campaign and deliverable. This will aid internal governance and regulatory compliance.

"We have built a reputation that is synonymous with quality and pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, good quality products that evolve to meet customer needs both now and in the future" said Craig McLeod, Creative & Production Services Manager, Norwich Union. "The Aprimo EMM solution will help us communicate and interact with our customers through marketing in a much more targeted and cost-effective way. It is undoubtedly the technology that underpins our new marketing structure."

Aprimo's EMM suite aids the planning and budgeting phases of marketing campaigns all the way through production and beyond. By establishing standardised processes and a central repository of relevant data, marketing teams can effectively plan, finance, and collaborate. In addition, they can execute marketing campaigns, removing waste and adding value to the bottom line.

"Having full accountability and the ability to track marketing spend against the value it derives is invaluable in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment," said Andrew Yates, Aprimo, "If projects aren't tracked effectively, deadlines start to slip and there is a danger of something becoming a rushed job, where the business ends up haemorrhaging money. This is a situation that is avoidable through the use of EMM technology, as organisations such as Norwich Union have discovered. We are pleased to be working with Norwich Union to help build the foundations of its new marketing structure."

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