CommunityAmerica Credit Union selects VSoft cheque imaging technology

Source: VSoft

VSoft Corporation, a global information and technology provider of process-improvement tools for financial institutions, announced that CommunityAmerica Credit Union, one of the nation's largest credit unions serving 122,000 customers nationwide, has chosen to implement its eDesk Branch Item Capture, Genesis (Check 21), and Archive solutions.

CommunityAmerica will roll out the Branch Item Capture solution to its 20 branches located in the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Topeka areas.

VSoft's Branch Item Capture provides full-featured, image-enabled data capture functions. Branch Item Capture will enable CommunityAmerica's branch personnel to capture share draft (check) images at the branch level rather than physically transporting them to the central location. Branch personnel use small capture devices to capture the item's data and image. As checks are imaged and captured throughout the day, the images and MICR data can then be sent electronically to CommunityAmerica's central location. With the VSoft Archive solution, CommunityAmerica will have access to search and research in an image archive all checks that were captured at the branch locations, including reports generated.

VSoft's Archive solution offers CommunityAmerica powerful search capabilities to quickly perform research into customer data, transaction data, and item images. Designated personnel can instantly research items and transactions from remote locations using the browser-based interface. In addition, customers can perform research into their own account over the web.

"We are very excited about our partnership with Vsoft", said Lynn Reazin, vice president of client services, CommunityAmerica. "Their technology will help improve our member service when researching checks as well as help improve our overall efficiency."

Using VSoft's eDesk Genesis, CommunityAmeria can exchange images received from its branch locations in compliance with Check 21. eDesk Genesis allows CommunityAmerica to exchange electronic cash letters with images directly, through exchange organizations, or print substitute checks if an endpoint cannot receive electronic cash letters.

"VSoft's solutions will provide CommunityAmerica with a comprehensive, end-to-end imaging solution," said Murthy Veeraghanta, president, VSoft Corporation. "The Branch Item Capture solution will eliminate transportation and courier costs, while increasing system efficiencies and improving funds availability for CommunityAmerica's customers. The central Archive solution provides a very robust and reliable system for CommunityAmerica to store, research, and retrieve captured images. With minimal effort, the benefits of imaging will improve CommunityAmerica's operations as well as trickle down to the individual customer."

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