SG Private Banking rolls out ERI's Olympic platform in Hong Kong

Source: ERI

ERI, supplier of the OLYMPIC Banking System, is very pleased to announce that SG Private Banking has successfully implemented the OLYMPIC Banking System to support their private banking operations in Hong Kong.

This implementation is on a regional support function hub which has been set-up by SG Private Banking (Asia Pacific) to transfer its private banking activities from Société Générale Branch to Société Générale Bank & Trust (SGBT) in both Singapore and Hong Kong to support their highly successful private banking operations in Asia.

The OLYMPIC Banking System can provide support for centralising operations of multiple countries, with different reporting currencies and requirements, in a single database for use by both centralised operations staff and de-centralised front and middle office teams.

The implementation for Hong Kong of the OLYMPIC Banking System brings to a total of 5 the number of leading institutions in the Hong Kong SAR using the product.

The OLYMPIC Banking System in now used by sites of the SG group in a total of 10 countries.

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