TrustDefender upgrades online fraud protection product

Source: TrustDefender

TrustDefender announced today the Availability of the TrustDefender Gold Edition Beta securing consumer and business confidence in online transactions while protecting users' confidential information from a growing trend in Online Banking and Phishing scams world-wide.

TrustDefender does not use the approach of other security vendors who employ the general blacklist and heuristics approach which is not effective enough against todays evolving sophisticated Trojans, Worms and Viruses entering computers. TrustDefender invites all Internet Users to download and test-drive the new Gold Edition from our Website.

TrustDefender has furthermore announced that all Users who register as a new user at the TrustDefender Website within the next two weeks will receive a full license of TrustDefender Gold free of charge.

With the release of the Gold Edition, TrustDefender continues to grow the Product Portfolio of the Company. "We believe in our Technology and this is why we have created a Free Edition and an enhanced Gold Edition. The Free Edition provides a Secure Online Security Experience especially for the Web-Services that are part of our GAP (Guaranteed Authentication Profile) Program while the TrustDefender Gold Edition takes this approach one step further for a holistic and complete Security of your Online Business Activities. The Free Edition is available online free of charge, the Gold Edition will also be available online at a price of USD $19.95 with a 21 day free trial period, whereupon the Gold Edition will revert to the Free Edition if not actively upgraded to the new level of protection the Gold Edition offers."; says Andreas Baumhof, Co-Founder and CTO of TrustDefender.

Baumhof continues: “We have listened to the feedback of Businesses, Consumers and our Users of the Free Edition and incorporated functionality that Online Businesses require in the new Gold Edition”.

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