Edentify and Crimeline ink marketing agreement

Source: Edentify

Edentify, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: EDFY), a leading provider of identity management solutions, today announced a marketing agreement with Crimeline, a provider of timely and effective training modules, to provide banking, security, law enforcement, and other organizations with comprehensive fraud recognition and response training programs intended to increase the ability of these organizations to detect, prevent, and investigate identity fraud and fraud-related crimes.

"Unfortunately, identity fraud is a growing reality of today's business world, and unless we empower banking, security, and other organizations with the necessary tools to fight fraud, we're never going to get ahead of the criminals," says Terrence DeFranco, CEO of Edentify. "Our association with Crimeline expands our fraud solutions and advances Edentify's mission to empower organizations with the knowledge and resources to understand fraud at its core, implement new fraud prevention solutions, and avert its devastating effects."

The agreement with Crimeline creates opportunities for Edentify to collaborate with Crimeline in the creation of Internet-based courses individually tailored to organizations and groups impacted by fraud and security breaches. Discussions between Edentify and Crimeline to develop these types of modules are currently underway. Each module would feature presentations by fraud experts and law enforcement officials, and include real-life examples of fraud and security breaches, advice on prevention, and actions organizations can take to recoup from the damage of these crimes. Additionally, this relationship opens new, near-term revenue opportunities for the respective companies.

Crimeline's development of this type of training was spearheaded by Chuck Whitlock, a leading expert on white-collar crime who has exposed hundreds of con artists, bank scams, and other fraud crimes around the nation. The new modules, created with input from Edentify, will provide training across a wide range of fraud crimes, including identity theft, cybercrime, credit card fraud, con artist scams, senior fraud, and more. The association with Crimeline will also give Edentify an edge in helping organizations prevent more types of fraud through entity-wide education on investigative techniques, evidence-gathering procedures, real-life case studies, and litigation procedures involved in prosecuting fraud, all of which can be revisited when new questions and situations arise.

"Fraudsters are developing new ways to breach security systems every day, and we need to be eternally vigilant against those criminals," says Whitlock, noted author and fraud expert. "The modules we are creating in consultation with Edentify will reveal hidden tactics criminals use to bypass even the tightest security features, and how to prevent and manage an intrusion-saving organizations time, money, and frustration in handling fraud."

Crimeline believes that once employees complete a training course, they will have the framework to be able to act quickly and diligently to prevent or manage a fraud attack.

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