International Securities Exchange rolls out new front-end trading application

Source: ISE

The International Securities Exchange (NYSE:ISE) announced today that it has rolled out PrecISE Trade, its new front-end trading application for broker-dealers to access ISE's markets.

PrecISE offers users a lighter application with reduced bandwidth requirements and a faster, flexible trading interface that provides greater capacity to support future enhancements.

PrecISE will provide users with a straightforward means to enter Facilitation of Spreads and Facilitation of Tied to Stock orders. Additionally, PrecISE now has market data embedded in order tickets, new pricing fields for delta neutral orders, new complex order book filters, and market statistics. Other enhancements include a redesigned trade blotter and trade statistics window, Microsoft Excel exporting and printing functionality as well as online help. PrecISE also enables access to Away Market Routing to provide users with the ability to tap into liquidity on other options exchanges from a single workstation.

"We are pleased to provide our members with access to the latest technology to meet their options trading requirements," said Gary Katz, Chief Operating Officer. "PrecISE offers a fast and flexible way to support smarter trading across multiple markets through one interface."

PrecISE was developed internally by ISE's technology team to allow faster time to market and to meet customer demand for new front-end features to support existing trading protocols. Although currently providing front-end access for options trading only, PrecISE could be configured to support new ISE business opportunities, such as ISE Stock Exchange and Longitude.

All of the functionality currently incorporated within CLICK will be available in PrecISE including: Market and Limit Orders, Spreads, Buy-writes and Delta Neutral Orders, Block Orders, Facilitation Orders, Solicitation Orders, PIM Orders, Cabinet Orders, Stop Orders and Post-Trade Allocations.

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