Company Barclaycard boosts online acquisitions with Xbridge


Company Barclaycard, the UK's largest Visa business and corporate card company, has partnered with Xbridge, the UK's leading online commercial finance strategists, to provide a customer-focused online service.

The new strategy incorporates a bespoke, customer-centric website developed by Xbridge that enables Company Barclaycard to accept and process customer applications quickly whilst ensuring the customer receives the appropriate card tailored to their company's individual needs.

Xbridge's intelligent navigation and advanced segmentation technology dynamically moulds the online application process to fit the psychographic profile of customers as they progress through the website. The results are highly tailored card recommendations and a dramatically shortened and simplified customer experience, enabling customers to self-select the most appropriate Company Barclaycard product for themselves.

Initial results from the new Xbridge powered online presence on reveal a 4-fold increase in online card applications, fulfilling its remit to enable Company Barclaycard to elevate the online channel as a valuable customer acquisition source.

Brad Liebmann, managing director of Xbridge said "Company Barclaycard identified the importance of the web as a source of customer acquisition and wanted to ensure that they utilised it fully. We have enabled them to do that by providing the UK's most 'customer-centric' online application experiences for business cards, which increases customer satisfaction and improves efficiency."

The Xbridge system has streamlined the application process making it easier for businesses to apply online. "

Simon Chick, head of marketing, Company Barclaycard said "The new online process architected and developed by Xbridge provides our customers with a better experience and enables us to provide them with a higher level of service."

"Company Barclaycard wants its market leading position to be reflected in its presence online. We see the online channel as an important customer acquisition opportunity which meets the needs of customers, and potential customers, alike."

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