Integral releases hosted FX trading package

Source: Integral

Integral Development Corp. today announced the availability of FX Inside Plus to streamline and automate the entire foreign exchange trading process, from origination to distribution.

This innovative platform enables financial institutions to access, package and deliver, self-branded FX liquidity directly to their customers. Furthermore, the system offers the ability to manage credit, market and operational risks in real-time.

"Building on the successful rollout to 13 market-making banks and more than 200 institutions of Integral's FX Grid connectivity network and FX Inside trading application, FX Inside Plus is the third and final piece of a solution that establishes a complete end-to-end multi-source liquidity distribution service," Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral, said.

Sandhu noted that FX Inside Plus consolidates liquidity from multiple sources into one direct stream, providing an "always on" source of deep liquidity for downstream customers. This enhanced technology goes beyond existing single-source white label solutions by consolidating liquidity from multiple tier one providers. In addition the system programmatically removes bad, stale or latent data to assure executable prices on an ongoing basis. This empowers sponsoring financial institutions to deliver the highest quality liquidity and service to their customers, on demand and under their own name.

Real-time risk management delivers full credit, market and operational risk control

Position risk in customer orders is systematically eliminated through real-time cover trades between the sponsoring financial institution and its liquidity providers.

Additionally, the powerful price-distribution engine enables sales desks to spread, control and display, on a per-user basis, multi-tier prices, as well as establishing individualized trading restrictions and credit limits. This packaged, risk-managed liquidity is then distributed to internal or external users through self-service desktop or internet browser applications under the sponsoring institution’s branding.

Branded customer trading applications deliver on-demand eFX solutions

"This end-to-end automated system allows for precise provisioning of liquidity, giving sponsoring institutions unprecedented flexibility to spread, target and deliver customized liquidity solutions to their individual customers. Additionally, the highly scalable platform enables FX market participants to access new markets and grow their businesses, all while minimizing risk and achieving real business efficiencies," said Sandhu.

Powered by FX Grid

Integral's FX Grid is a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network linking foreign exchange customers with their liquidity providers. Thirteen of the world's biggest FX market-making institutions deliver eFX business services through FX Grid. This pool of liquidity is being accessed by more than 200 banks and FX trading parties on a daily basis.

"FX Grid delivers the fastest network connection available today between FX liquidity suppliers and their customers," said Sandhu. "The network has facilitated the creation of a number of bank proprietary systems and provides the only fully-connected eFX network to provision single and multi-bank FX trading business services."

Integration on demand

FX Inside Plus is available as an on-line service today with no access or monthly fees associated with the system. Deployment times not including integration and user testing is less than 24 hours allowing for quick implementation. A pay as you go approach eliminates the need for costly upfront investments. Usage is billed on a volume basis with no minimum commitments making the FX Inside system the industry's most flexible platform.

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