EagleBank introduces remote cheque deposit service for businesses

Source: EagleBank

Touting the service as "Our Newest Location: Your Office," EagleBank has announced the availability of Remote Deposit, a new service that allows businesses to deposit customers' checks into their EagleBank accounts using their own computer and internet service and a desk top scanner that is provided by the bank.

"This exciting new convenience has been eagerly embraced by our business customers. It saves them trips to the bank, gives them an instant 24-month online deposit history and lets them make deposits as late as 6 PM each work day," commented Senior VP of Marketing Deborah Kahley. "Another plus that has our customers excited is the fact that their funds become available faster. Once they receive a check, they can instantly scan it to us and into their account for next-day credit. The check doesn't sit around waiting for someone to drop it by the bank," continued Kahley.

EagleBank believes that because this service puts a branch right in the customer's office, competing with the larger, multi-branch banks becomes much less of an issue. The bank can serve customers who are not located near one of the their nine locations. For that reason, EagleBank is offering the service at no cost if an average monthly checking balance of $25,000 per scanner is maintained.

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