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Capital.com improves onboarding with Trulioo

Source: Trulioo

Trulioo, an industry-leading identity platform with proven global coverage for person and business verification, today announced a strategic partnership with Capital.com, a high-growth retail trading platform, to support its global expansion with streamlined, convenient onboarding.

Capital.com, whose client trading volumes exceeded $1 trillion in 2023, is one of the world’s fastest-growing trading platforms. Since starting its partnership with Trulioo in early 2023, Capital.com has expanded its use of Trulioo Person Match to 17 countries across EMEA, APAC and Latin America.

Following the integration of the Person Match identity verification capability, Capital.com has seen swifter client onboarding across key markets, including verifying and onboarding 80% more new customers in Latin America and 28% in Asia.

Trulioo pairs market expertise with continual match rate, job processing speed and price reviews for thousands of data source configurations per country and demographic. That in-depth data science tailored to Capital.com’s verification needs provides peak performance, expedited onboarding and ease of use for its customers.

“We are excited to partner with Trulioo, an industry leader in the digital client verification space,” said Dana Massey, chief product officer at Capital.com. “This collaboration affirms our commitment to ensuring an exceptional user experience for our clients. With the integration of the Trulioo verification capability, we can provide a faster, more efficient client verification process without causing any inconvenience to our clients while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.”

Trulioo Person Match accesses more than 450 global and local data sources worldwide, calibrates inputs based on regional nuances and applies natural language processing to normalize data fields to account for different formatting. That, combined with fuzzy matching to handle variations in form and spelling, delivers pinpoint verification accuracy and industry-leading match rates.

“Trulioo is shaping the future of digital identity verification, and our partnership with Capital.com highlights our dedication to delivering cutting-edge capabilities that provide efficient, convenient onboarding experiences,” said Steve Munford, Trulioo CEO. “We’re proud to support Capital.com’s global expansion with an industry-leading data source network that helps the platform meet its customers’ onboarding expectations. We’re committed to continual innovation that raises the bar for identity verification across the globe.”

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