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Monavate taps Know Your Customer to improve onboarding process

Source: Know Your Customer

Monavate, a prominent provider of payment solutions, has joined forces with Know Your Customer, a global leader in business KYC verification.

Together, they aim to revolutionise the European payment solutions sector by redefining compliance processes, elevating customer onboarding experiences, and cultivating trust within the digital payment ecosystem.

A specialist payments solution provider, Monavate empowers innovative and ambitious businesses in navigating the intricate network of technology choices required to launch financial programs. With its deep understanding of the industry, Monavate has selected Know Your Customer as its partner to enhance the onboarding and compliance processes for their customers.

The integration of Know Your Customer’s solutions enables Monavate to tap into Know Your Customer’s real-time global registry connections in over 140 countries through a single REST API. This integration not only automates and strengthens compliance procedures but also enhances operational efficiency, ensuring seamless adherence to regulatory standards within their digital ecosystem.

”We selected Know Your Customer as our partner due to their exceptional real-time global registry data, providing the largest coverage in the market. Working with the Know Your Customer team has been a delight, and we are confident that together, we will be able to develop customer-centric compliance solutions in the payment space that meet the evolving needs of our customers."
Mat PeckChief Technology Officer of Monavate

”We are excited to partner with Monavate and extend our support towards their card scheme sponsorship and payments platform. Our goal together is to revolutionise payments compliance, removing the complexities to entry in launching and scaling programs, and making it more secure and accessible for fintech and payment providers."
Claus ChristensenCEO & Co-Founder at Know Your Customer Limited

The strategic partnership between Monavate and Know Your Customer brings forth a compelling proposition for the payment industry in Europe. By combining cutting-edge technology and streamlined business KYC procedures, this collaboration empowers businesses to meet regulatory requirements, enhance risk management, and drive growth in this competitive landscape.

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