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Cryptomathic assures security of Belgium’s new digital identity wallet

Source: Cryptomathic

The Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA), a key component of Belgium’s federal administration, with support from Cryptomathic, a global leader in data security and cryptography, has successfully launched one of Europe’s first digital identity wallets.

In line with the European Digital Identity Framework Regulation, eIDAS 2.0, the Federal Government of Belgium has launched MyGov.be, a single app providing access to a wide range of digital public services, information and official documents. Citizens of Belgium can activate the app with their eID, communicate with the government services and securely store all kinds of official documents issued by the government. This feature will be gradually enhanced so that, in the future, citizens will be able to store their identity card, driving licence and certificates.

Shifting to a mobile device for sensitive data access and storage creates security challenges, with a complex threat model and a significant increase in attack vectors. Given the high value of digital assets stored in the wallet, and the huge amount of material damage that could result from any vulnerability, ensuring a high level of protection against a variety of attacks is vital.

Cryptomathic’s Mobile App Security Core (MASC) is used by BOSA to ensure the highest levels of security, protection and privacy for the app. MASC is a tamper-proof security software development kit (SDK) comprising multiple layers of mutually-reinforcing mobile app security components, including secure communication through device binding. In over ten years of providing a secure mobile core SDK, Cryptomathic has protected over 100 million+ apps, with zero recorded incidents.

Guillaume Forget, EVP of eSignatures and Mobile Security at Cryptomathic, added: “As an EU citizen, I’m excited by the prospect of having my own digital identity wallet. As a cybersecurity veteran, I’m also acutely aware of the security threats these wallets pose. That’s why the security underpinning these wallets must achieve the highest levels of security assurance.

“This is where Cryptomathic innovates and excels. MASC doesn’t just provide a wrap-around shield, or a security add-on, it provides true in-app security that frustrated hackers have described as ‘watertight’. Belgium has set the standard for other EU states by implementing security and privacy protections of the highest order, also ensuring that even the state cannot access the information on citizens’ phones without user acceptance.”

The digital identity wallet is currently available for citizens of Belgium to download via all major app store of their smartphone. To find out more complying with regulations and keeping data secure, visit the Cryptomathic website.

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