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I founded Checkout 15 years ago to help merchants solve the complex payment problems they face. We did this by building some of the best proprietary payment technology in the world and disintermediating the legacy payments stack.

Our sole purpose has always been to put customers first and help them in what matters most to them: more revenue, better value, improved data, better performance and better customer experiences.

During my time at, I’ve met, worked, and been inspired by many talented people. People who have given their time, energy, and intellect to help us solve merchant problems and help them deliver new payment experiences to their respective customers. We are all united by a shared belief: everything is and should always be about helping our customers stay ahead; ahead of regulation, ahead of their customers’ expectations, ahead of their industry - that’s how we help them thrive.

With this in mind, I am immensely proud to announce the promotion of Jenny Hadlow to Chief Operating Officer. Jenny is an experienced leader who joined at the end of 2021 and has been leading our Global Revenue Operations team. There, she has contributed to our commercial excellence and scaled our revenue operations globally. Jenny will now also lead our Risk Operations and Merchant Care teams.

Jenny has a unique perspective on the requirements of managing global demand with excellence in service delivery. I have no doubts that she will excel as our Chief Operating Officer, fundamentally helping us ensure that our service and support teams deliver on our promises to our merchants. Jenny also gives her personal time to support our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) as well as community initiatives inside and outside the company. She will move to our London HQ, where she and our newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer, Antoine Nougué, will both join the executive team.

I’m also announcing the departure of Céline Dufétel, President & Chief Operations Officer, and formerly CFO, who is leaving for personal reasons after three years at Céline shaped and matured the Finance team, led the Marketing and Operations teams through change, and contributed to our DEIB initiatives, a focus that we will continue to passionately pursue. I am grateful for Celine’s lasting contribution to our organisation and I wish her all the best in the next phase of her journey.

I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the incredible business momentum we are seeing through the organisation today. Year to date, our net revenue has grown by 42%, with 550m unique ecommerce transactions processed in May alone, across all our platforms for merchants like Klarna, Bytedance, Netflix, Vinted, Sony, Uber Eats, Docusign, Delivery Hero, Shein and many others. I also want to express my excitement for our next chapter, with our new executive team at the helm.

With this in mind, we must stay true to our mission. This means always putting our customers first, focusing on the problems we solve for them, always staying ahead on payment performance, and continuing to abstract the complexity for them (be it regulation, more payment methods, scheme mandates, compliance, and so on). Indeed the game we play, the race we are part of, is very far from being finished, and with our athlete mindset and our talented team, we truly can create outstanding products and play a key role in the future of the digital economy.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on our journey so far and continues to support our mission to help merchants thrive.

Guillaume Pousaz‍ 

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