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B2C2 forms partnership with Swissquote

Source: B2C2

B2C2, a global leader in institutional liquidity for digital assets, announces it has partnered with Swissquote, the Swiss Leader in online banking and financial services provider.

Developed by Swissquote, Swissquote Exchange (SQX) is a central limit order book (CLOB) providing deep liquidity as well as a healthy and efficient environment to trade cryptocurrencies to a broad range of market participants. Users can trade, hold and transfer actual crypto assets in their Swissquote account, backed by the security of a regulated Swiss bank. Since its launch in October 2022, the SQX exchange has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its offerings to include 40+ cryptocurrencies.

B2C2 provides uninterrupted, liquidity across market conditions, offering competitive bid ask spreads which enable traders to execute trades with minimal price impact as well as efficient settlement and improved capital efficiency through appropriate credit offerings. Participants, including major OTC desks, aggregators, banks, exchanges, family offices, FX brokers, and hedge funds – benefit from its regulatory footprint, high levels of trust and credit, making B2C2 a preferred choice for seamless digital assets trading.

Through this collaboration, SQX and B2C2 are making an important contribution to the market by creating a robust, liquid, and attractive marketplace in digital assets for institutional investors and other market participants, thereby increasing trading activity and improving operational efficiency. B2C2’s presence on SQX expands the already deep liquidity available to traders, while SQX opens a new stream of market participants to B2C2’s trading ecosystem.

Jan De Schepper, CSO of Swissquote, said: “SQX has proven itself as the biggest and strongest digital assets exchange in Switzerland leading with greater liquidity and faster execution for our customers, strengthening our position as a recognised leader in crypto trading. We are delighted to have B2C2 as a strategic partner at our side. Together, we are committed to providing superior execution, enhanced transparency and an even better overall trading experience.”

Thomas Restout, Group CEO of B2C2, said: “We are excited to collaborate with Swissquote, a major financial services provider with its extensive client footprint. We are pleased to deepen liquidity on the SQX exchange, providing clients with enhanced trading opportunities and reinforcing our competitive edge in the industry. Together, we are poised to unlock new growth avenues through liquidity solutions.” 

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