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Privat 3 Money opens multi-currency accounts

Source: ClearBank

Privat 3 Money (P3) is enhancing its established partnership with ClearBank, a cloud-based clearing bank, to revolutionise financial solutions for both corporates and individuals worldwide.

In collaboration with ClearBank, Privat 3 Money introduces a cutting-edge multi-currency account, supporting transactions in EUR, USD, CHD, and CAD, all under a single IBAN.

This innovation simplifies national and international transactions, eliminating the need for multiple accounts and reducing foreign exchange complexities.

Key Features Designed to Elevate your Financial Experience
Single IBAN Convenience
• One IBAN for all currencies streamlines international transactions, catering to both individual and corporate needs, eliminating the need for separate accounts for each currency and reducing foreign exchange.
User-Friendly FX Solutions
• Privat 3 Money's user-friendly FX solutions ensure seamless and superior transactions, providing an effortless and smooth alternative for all your financial needs.
API-Driven Technology
• The collaboration with ClearBank introduces API-driven technology, empowering users with streamlined operations and enhanced control over financial activities.

Crafting the Future of Financial Solutions
Whether you're a globetrotter, an online enthusiast, a global market explorer, or a business owner navigating cross-border transactions, Privat 3 Money and ClearBank have crafted the next generation of financial features just for you. This innovation is more than just a financial tool; it's a lifestyle upgrade, redefining the way you experience and manage your finances.

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