PrePay Technologies switches to Comsys voice recognition system

Source: Comsys

PrePay Technologies Ltd., supplier of solutions for stored-value cards, has started using Comsys' SpeechFrame.

PrePay Technologies can count on a number of large brands and banks being their customers. Thanks to SpeechFrame customers of these enterprises are able to manage their stored-value cards quickly and simply by telephone.

The solutions of PrePay Technologies contain many applications, like debit cards, gift cards and travel money cards. Recently PrePay Technologies decided to replace their old IVR-system by SpeechFrame of Comsys. SpeechFrame is an interactive voice response (IVR) and telephony platform for automated handling of telephone calls. The reliability and flexibility of SpeechFrame were the main reasons for choosing this platform.

"We decided to replace our previous IVR system with SpeechFrame as we were required to develop high availability mission critical applications quickly and simply. After evaluating other IVR systems the flexibility and value for money of SpeechFrame attracted us to purchase it. Java, Solaris and web technologies are all used within SpeechFrame, and as these are skillsets that we have in-house this enabled us to get to grips with SpeechFrame and develop applications quickly. We were also very happy with the installation, training and support options offered to us by Comsys," states Ian Crowe of PrePay Technologies.

Diederik Husslage, senior account manager at Comsys, "PrePay Technologies was looking for a system that is more reliable than the old system and offers the possibility to build applications in a simple way by themselves. SpeechFrame amply fulfils these conditions. Within PrePay Technologies there is sufficient knowledge in the VoiceXML and Java area, and this is why Comsys was asked to deliver only a basic system. After a trainings period of only two days they were able to start developing applications themselves."

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