Microgen and Business Architects win Guardian gig in Jamaica and Trinidad

Source: Microgen

The Guardian Asset Management Group, with offices in both Trinidad and Jamaica, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian Holdings Ltd. with a main focus on providing professional investment services to clients and assisting them in creating and preserving wealth by innovative investment solutions.

As Guardian Asset Management grows from strength to strength, the need for solutions to support its growing business is inevitable. It is because of this, the company has solicited Microgen and Business Architects to supply an enhanced investment management software package to both entities in Trinidad and Jamaica, and by extension the Guardian Holdings Group. This totally integrated front, middle and back office system with internet capabilities, will assist Guardian Asset Management in providing greater efficiencies in managing its clients’ investment portfolios.

Microgen and Business Architects come to the table with a wealth of experience in providing complete financial solutions such as operational controls, increased automation and risk reduction. With the 4series/eXimius software packages and the expertise of the financial professionals of these two providers, Guardian Asset Management will be on its way to providing state of the art investment services to its clients.

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