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OverRuled acquires TURBOFAC

Source: Akin

Akin’s award-winning legal data productivity platform OverRuled has acquired the TURBOFAC Comprehensive U.S. Sanctions Research System, creating an essential one-stop-shop for sanctions professionals globally.

The acquisition significantly expands OverRuled’s platform with greater depth of regulatory information by integrating TURBOFAC’s expansive, only-in-class library of unpublished guidance letters and specific licenses issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). These unique TURBOFAC resources will be made available to OverRuled Pro subscribers.

Launched in 2022, OverRuled provides its users the ability to run targeted searches on collections of enforcement actions and published agency guidance that had previously been unsearchable (across the U.S., U.K., EU and other jurisdictions); machine-learning-based data models to enable users to predict potential regulatory penalties; and subject-specific “Resource Centers” that keep users up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments.

TURBOFAC, whose subscribers include major financial institutions and leading international law firms, is a robust database consisting of unpublished guidance documents and other significant statements attributable to OFAC that are essential for sanctions practitioners to understand the position of the agency as it relates to legal issues of consequence to their business.

“For years we have subscribed to TURBOFAC and it has served as an invaluable complementary resource to OverRuled. Together, they have really leveled-up our sanctions practice.” said OverRuled co-founder and Akin partner Mahmoud (Mac) Fadlallah. “We are very excited to now bring the power of a combined AI-enhanced tool to a broader audience and make it the market standard for any sanctions practitioner.”

As part of the deal, Brian Gatta, founder and director of the company that operates TURBOFAC, will join the OverRuled team as co-founder and Akin as senior counsel.

Brian commented, “With the integration of TURBOFAC, OverRuled becomes the only player in the market of sanctions guidance research solutions. OverRuled’s access to TURBOFAC’s depth of resource will be hugely beneficial to users who get the best of both worlds—TURBOFAC’s extensive database and OverRuled’s market-leading AI-enhanced interactive platform. I am incredibly excited about bringing this combined tool to market.”

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