Unisys reports REAAL Insurance IT outsourcing deal

Source: Unisys

Unisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) today announced that its Netherlands subsidiary has expanded its relationship with long-time client REAAL Insurance through a new five-year outsourcing contract with a value estimated at $11.6 million (EUR 9.2 million).

By managing the company's IT infrastructure, Unisys will provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to REAAL and its agents, enhancing the efficiency of their IT infrastructure operations and their capability to provide secure business services to customers.

REAAL hopes to achieve significant cost reductions through consolidating infrastructure outsourcing services under one vendor. REAAL will consolidate its hundreds of existing support contracts and suppliers to one central contract with Unisys, and will reduce the number of services suppliers from 20 to one. As necessary, Unisys will also engage and supervise additional providers, acting as the "manager of managers" for REAAL's IT infrastructure services.

"The most important objectives of this agreement for REAAL Insurance are to reduce complexity and ensure that the company is 'in control,'" declares REAAL IT director Rene Groot. "The close collaboration with Unisys, which serves as the single point of contact, makes it possible to achieve better control of our total ICT infrastructure. Moreover, we only have one support contract to manage, rather than hundreds. That leads to less complexity, better insight into costs, better possibilities for innovation, higher levels of infrastructure availability and better service levels at considerably lower costs. This enables us to offer the best possible support to end users within our company, our agents and our customers."

Among the services Unisys will provide for REAAL are software and service support for REAAL Insurance's Microsoft environment, which is of strategic importance for the company's operations. Unisys also will manage data centers for REAAL, supporting Unisys mainframes, EMC storage systems, Unisys ES7000 servers and Intel systems for web and intranet applications. In addition, the contract provides for the addition of new services that might be needed to adapt to changing business requirements.

"Unisys provides solutions to help our customers run their operations securely in all key aspects - secure not just in the technology sense, but also secure in knowing that their service provider understands their business and will run it effectively every day," Wim Boeykens, vice president and general manager, Global Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services for the Benelux region at Unisys, said. "An IT infrastructure managed for 24/7 availability is critical to success in the financial services industry, where uninterrupted customer service is a requirement. By outsourcing its IT support to Unisys, REAAL can realize the benefits of secure business operations through enhanced support for its agents and excellent service for their clients."

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