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Viva.com and Bluecode team on QR payments in Europe

Source: Viva.com

Viva.com, the leading European technology bank for payments, joins the Bluecode ecosystem as a strategic partner to enable Bluecode QR payments across the continent.

Bluecode, the European payment brand, has entered into a strategic partnership with Viva.com, Europe’s first technology bank for payments powering acceptance on any device across the continent. The partnership will enable merchants, including marketplace operators, to accept Bluecode payments in all 15 Eurozone markets in which Viva.com operates, optimizing customer experience and loyalty.

Through this partnership, Bluecode and Viva.com are driving digital QR code payments adoption, providing consumers in Europe with a simple, and convenient way to pay. Bluecode, a leading brand for QR code payments in Germany and Austria, offers users a fast and secure way to make purchases with their smartphone via the Bluecode App or any Bluecode-capable app. Viva.com brings Bluecode QR payments to both online and in-store environments. Its Tap on Any Device technology, featuring the agnostic Terminal app, and Smart Checkout online payment gateway, intersect for a faster and smoother checkout experience. Bluecode users benefit from a purchasing experience that takes only seconds, whereas merchants can directly offer customers a wide variety of value-added services such as discounts or stamp cards. Bluecode is the latest addition to Viva.com’s extensive line-up of payment methods, currently at 40+, including all international card schemes and direct connectivity to dominant local card schemes and methods.

“This is another big step for us in expanding the Bluecode network with a strategic pan-European player. We are very pleased to further expand digital payment in Europe, together with Viva.com,” says Bluecode CEO Christian Pirkner. “Together with Viva.com, we will continue to revolutionize the way people pay in Europe. At the same time, we are making it easier for merchants to accept digital mobile payments.”

“Viva.com continuously expands its bundle of payment technologies, products, and features to enable European businesses’ growth. At the core of this endeavor lies our ever-expanding line up of payment methods and strategic partnerships, including direct connectivity with local QR payment leaders, such as Bluecode. Through this collaboration we aim to go-to-market jointly, both at the enterprise level and the SMEs market segments, contributing to businesses’ customer service excellence across Europe,” says Harry Xenophontos, Chief Partnerships Officer at Viva.com.

Bluecode and Viva.com at Marketplaces’ Service
This partnership makes Bluecode marketplace-ready. As a cloud-based provider, built in-house on Microsoft Azure, Viva.com can easily and quickly embed its advanced payments platform into marketplaces, i.e. platforms on which multiple merchants operate. As a result, restaurants, retailers or other providers on these marketplaces are automatically able to accept Bluecode payments. “We are particularly looking forward to seeing Bluecode being used by operators of marketplaces. Bluecode as an open payment system can be integrated easily into marketplace apps and thus greatly improve the checkout experience for end consumers and merchants,” says Mario Linzbauer, Chief Partnerships Officer at Bluecode. 

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