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Confluence adds ESG data to analytics platform

Source: Confluence

Confluence Technologies, Inc. (“Confluence”), a global technology solutions provider for regulatory and investor communications for the investment management industry, announced today it is integrating comprehensive MSCI ESG Research data into its leading factor investing analytics solution, Style Analytics

This data will help meet the evolving needs of asset managers and fund selectors in an increasingly complex ESG landscape by offering in-depth analysis, comparison, and enhancement of portfolios.

“In the rapidly evolving investment landscape, asset managers and fund selectors face the complex challenge of making informed decisions that align with their ESG investing objectives. With a robust platform for comprehensive ESG data analysis, their ability to compare and enhance portfolios and funds effectively is greatly enhanced,” said Damian Handzy, Managing Director, Analytics at Confluence. “Style Analytics’ integration of MSCI’s comprehensive ESG data marks a significant step to help our clients make informed investment decisions and achieve sustainable growth.”

The overlay of MSCI ESG Research data into Style Analytics allows for drill-down capabilities, fund-of-funds capabilities for United Nations SDGs, and analytics, alongside factor analysis on a simple, intuitive user interface. It provides users with actionable data, identifying optimal investment opportunities and monitoring their performance over time.

Style Analytics’ MSCI drill-down module comes at a time of growing interest in sustainability and ESG investing and the resultant need for ESG data and technology.


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