Wombat aims to take flight beyond the trading floor

Source: Wombat Financial Software

Wombat Financial Software, the market data connectivity experts, announced today the addition of a suite of new components to the Wombat Platform capable of extending the benefits of their broad, high speed connectivity to the trading floor and wide area network distributed environments including branches and customer feeds.

"Having helped our customers take much of the complexity and cost out of their automated trading environments, many of those customers began looking to us to offer a fresh alternative to the trading floor and remote connectivity technologies," remarked Ron Verstappen, CEO of Wombat. "By leveraging our proven feed handler code base to provide caching and fan-out capabilities across the network, and designing a new TCP/IP transport suited to bandwidth and firewall constrained networks, as well as a flexible display application and an efficient interface to pump data into Excel, we've given the market an attractive new choice. We think it's about time the market had more than one choice for enterprise connectivity."

The announcement comes at a time when roles within the capital markets are blurring, with brokerages, exchanges and market data firms increasingly finding themselves in competition. Each now requires high speed, high capacity market data distribution capabilities to properly service their customers.
Wombat’s distribution capabilities were built with these needs in mind, combining speed, entitlements control, network penetrability and an agnosticism towards messaging middleware and other components.

Wombat's new graphical user interface (GUI) is a flexible data viewing utility designed for the rendering of real time data (in particular, market data and system performance data) in a radically open, cross platform environment. Built on top of off-the-shelf software components, the GUI can display unique data sets including consolidated synthetic order books from Wombat SuperBook, and granular latency statistics tracking performance at each point across the network. The tool can be used on Windows, Solaris and Linux, and is accompanied by an Excel plug-in tool that can fuel spreadsheet models with streaming data, bringing the broad reach of Wombat's many feed handlers to the desktop for the first time.

The Wombat Platform combines a range of data feed handlers with a messaging platform that eases the task of integrating high speed data into one's applications, for use in market making, trading, analytical or other purposes.
A suite of programming interfaces, distribution servers, entitlements control utilities and monitoring tools allows customers to access the data they need, while maintaining tight control over their systems.

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