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Bolt to become Checkout.com’s exclusive one-click checkout provider

Source: Bolt

Bolt, a leading checkout technology company, and Checkout.com, a global payment solutions provider, today announced a partnership set to expedite their shared mission to advance ecommerce.

Through this collaboration, Bolt will become Checkout.com’s exclusive one-click checkout provider and Checkout.com will become Bolt’s preferred payment partner.

Checkout.com is focused on boosting its merchant’s conversion performance, and its partnership with Bolt provides enterprise retailers with a best-in-class one-click checkout technology solution. Checkout.com will also leverage Bolt’s massive shopper network of 80M+ US shoppers and a growing merchant base.

Bolt will integrate Checkout.com to expand payment options for new and existing merchants. By deepening its payment offerings with Checkout.com, Bolt is solidifying its standing as a merchant-first and payment-agnostic technology provider, giving its customers unrivaled flexibility.

“By integrating Bolt’s industry-leading checkout technology with Checkout.com’s enterprise-grade payment solutions, we are helping merchants deliver a better shopper experience and higher conversion by leveraging Bolt’s fast-growing shopper network,” said Bolt CEO Maju Kuruvilla. “This partnership reflects our merchant-first and payment-agnostic approach, and we’re thrilled to add Checkout.com as a preferred payments partner.”

“Checkout.com always drives towards innovation and accelerated checkout is an important part of our holistic payments offering. Together with Bolt, we are unlocking friction-free checkout experiences that build upon our best-in-class payments infrastructure, empowering merchants to deliver seamless transactions and drive higher customer satisfaction,” said Checkout.com’s Head of Commercial for North America, Jim Cho. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation, delivering exceptional value to all our retail partners.”

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