BT collaborates with Microsoft on trading communications

Source: BT

BT today announced that it is working with Microsoft to develop a unified communications capability, designed to allow all participants in the financial trade cycle to share information regarding their presence, and preferred means of communication in real time.

BT's Real Time Collaboration capability is one of a series of packaged ITS Myriad applications, designed to enable users to quickly begin realising the benefits of the Virtual Trading Organisation and to deliver increased trader effectiveness.

BT's ITS Myriad Real Time Collaboration capability is designed to bring the rich communication capabilities of Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, a unified communications client that brings the richness of the PC together with the familiarity and voice capabilities of the desktop telephone, to the trading floor. By utilising the ITS Myriad event bar within Office Communicator 2005, users will be able to see when vital colleagues are on the phone and either choose to call them as soon as they become available, or make contact with them via the most appropriate alternative channel such as email or instant messaging. Integration with a firm's corporate directory also makes it easier to find the next best alternative contact, should the primary contact be unavailable.

The Real Time Collaboration capabilities can also be extended to mobile devices equipped with BT's ITS Anywhere application for remote trading. Users can monitor the availability of all colleagues and easily stay in touch with them, whether they're in the office or travelling - helping to ensure that no trading opportunity is missed. The technology also provides a complete audit trail of contacts made between all parties and across all channels, with all conversations voice recorded for compliance purposes.

All communication, including voice calls from ITS.Netrix, a turret or PBX phone, as well as emails and instant messages can be initiated from the ITS Myriad event bar within Communicator 2005 on the desktop, and buddy lists or speed dials can also be listed here - so that the trader has everything he needs at his fingertips.

Rod MacDonald, managing director, BT Trading Systems, said: "BT's ITS Myriad Real Time Collaboration capability is a key component of our strategy for enabling the Virtual Trading Organisation and promoting improved trader effectiveness. Traders are reliant on collaborating with colleagues throughout all stages of the trade cycle - from identifying opportunities through to post- trade resolution. Giving traders the ability to detect the presence of their colleagues across a variety of channels, understand the best way to reach them, and initiate all contacts from their desktop, will be crucial in helping traders develop and execute successful trading strategies in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

"The integration of BT's ITS Myriad with Communicator 2005 enables real time access between the trading-floor environment with other groups within an organisation, such as middle and back-office support groups," said Marc Sanders, senior product manager in the Unified Communications Group at Microsoft. "This capability provides additional reach and functionality for securities industries professionals many of whom use Communicator 2005 and BT turrets today."

BT's ITS Myriad Real Time Collaboration capability will initially support communication between colleagues within the trading enterprise, but BT also envisages making the technology available for users across different organisations. This will give trading organisations greater visibility of their customers, and other external parties, and help them deliver a more effective service.

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