UbiQ offers turnkey Visa chip personalisation package

UbiQ offers turnkey Visa chip personalisation package

UbiQ has joined the Visa Smart Breakthrough Turnkey Personalisation Programme, with an offering pitched at banks outside the US that are migrating to Visa Smart Debit/Credit.

The new solution is designed for Visa member banks seeking to control the personalisation process in-house, when information specific to each cardholder is loaded onto the chip. Packaged services include consulting, project management, data preparation, key management set-up, personalisation software/hardware and installation, testing, training and ongoing support.

Privately-held UbiQ is the second personalisation vendor to join the Visa Breakthrough Programme and is offering a solution targeted for low and medium volume issuance launches.

In addition to the turnkey package, UbiQ also offers a pilot solution and a software-only alternative, providing banks with a range of solutions to meet individual needs from low volume to high volume capacity.

Guy Berg, Ubiq VP, product management, says: "Issuers can minimise their initial equipment investment by starting out with low or medium volume equipment such as a CIM Combi 1000 and seamlessly migrate to large volume equipment like a Datacard 9000, NBS Horizon or M├╝hlbauer Scope 5400 when the business case supports it. Or an issuer may want to invest in the high volume capacity equipment for primary production runs and implement low or medium volume equipment for production backup and processing lost and stolen card re-issuance."

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