Market data group solicits interest in real-time streaming

Market data group solicits interest in real-time streaming

The US industry group charged with developing a new market data definition language (MDDL) is looking for participants to share the cost of a fast-track development programme for a real-time streaming protocol.

The "mddlMessage" protocol, currently being developed under the aegis of the SIAA's Financial Information Services Division (FISD), will define how MDDL is compacted to be transmitted over-the-wire. Some FISD members have elected to be "alpha" participants and implement the protocol ahead of the 4th quarter release. FISD is looking for other participants to share the cost of this development in exchange for pre-release access to the protocol and corresponding reference toolkit.

The association is inviting interested parties to contact with an indication of interest by 18 July.

Other MDDL-supporting specifications for defining query and response and Web services remain on track for release in the third and fourth quarter.

Seperately, a demonstration comprising all of the MDDL-based specifications is being prepared for the 6th World Financial Information Conference to be held 14-16 October 2003 in Washington, D.C. Sponsors are being solicited to provide data, hardware, software, integration services, and funds to be incorporated into a 'Reference Market Data System' showcasing the cross-platform and multi-sourced efficiencies of XML. The demonstration will highlight combining reference databases with realtime streaming data sources for display in market data applications - all with MDDL standards.

To date, one exchange and one vendor have volunteered their realtime data (and datafeed software) for use in the demonstration.

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