Deutsche Bank target of computer raid -

Deutsche Bank target of computer raid -

Internet news site claims Deutsche Bank's City of London office was the target for a raid by computer thieves last week who stole up to 50 motherboards and I/O boards from the bank's 'secure servers'.

Vnunet cites a bank spokesman who claims that no sensitive customer data was lost in the robbery. The thieves stripped a number of Sun Microsystems back office machines and development servers, says the report. An unnamed bank source estimates the cost of the raid at about £1 million.

Vnunet quotes a City of London police spokeswoman who says that Deutsche Bank is the latest in a line of City institutions to fall victim to such a crime. "We have had eight to 10 thefts of these items over the last month and we identify it as a problem," the spokeswoman states.

City of London police are trying to persuade institutions to tighten their security procedures, she adds.

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