Orbis connects to CSFB with SolutionForge

Orbis connects to CSFB with SolutionForge

UK-based FIX engine vendor SolutionForge has developed a trading connection between fund manager Orbis Group and Credit Suisse First Boston's (CSFB) Advanced Execution Services (AES) using the FIX protocol version 4.2.

Working with SolutionForge, Orbis extended the connectivity of the vendor's Fix.Net server to AES by adding a number of new fields to FIX messages with instructions for the activiation of particular trading strategies.

Nick North, IT director, Orbis, says it was a relatively simple process to extend Orbis' FIX connectivity to CSFB: "One of the reasons we selected SolutionForge for our FIX engine in the first place was its flexibility."

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