People: S1 appoints European and Asia/Pacific chiefs

People: S1 appoints European and Asia/Pacific chiefs

US-based solutions provider S1 Corporation has made key executive appointments in Europe and Asia/Pacific.

The firm has named Dan Drechsel as CEO for S1 Europe, and Stephen Pardue as CEO of Asia/Pacific operations.

"We believe there will be a strong demand for a common e-finance operating system as large financial institutions begin to deploy numerous Web applications to serve various markets," says Drechsel, formally chief operating officer of S1 Corporation in Atlanta.

Pardue, formally senior vice president for strategic development at S1's corporate headquarters, comments: "Analysts predict that the penetration of Internet usage in the Asia/ Pacific region will increase more than 50 percent during the next four years. This boom, coupled with the region's liberalisation of the financial services industry, will drive more banks and financial institutions to use technology to deliver value and create a competitive advantage."

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