Infosys wins Nigeria's Kakawa; launches CRM package

Infosys wins Nigeria's Kakawa; launches CRM package

Kakawa Discount House, formed by a consortium of Nigerian banks, is to deploy Infosys Technologies' Finacle core banking suite.

Bola Adesola, MD, Kakawa Discount House, says: "Considering that several banks in Nigeria have successfully leveraged the Finacle suite of solutions and the future connectivity advantage/cross-selling of products that this would offer, we selected Finacle."

India-based financial technology firm Infosys says it has now acquired 8 clients in Nigeria and 15 in Africa.

Seperately, Infosys has announced the launch of a bank-specific customer relationship management system, Finacle CRM. The company has engaged consultancy Pepper and Rogers to fine-tune the product before rolling it out to existing customers in South East Asia. The longer-term ambition is to sell the package worldwide, either as a stand-alone system or as an integrated component of the Finacle core banking suite.

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