Cor-RS launches Bita Jigsaw component risk software

Cor-RS launches Bita Jigsaw component risk software

London based Cor Risk Solutions has launched Bita Jigsaw, a range of component software designed to enable specialist risk management solutions to be integrated with in-house investment systems.

Bita Jigsaw components can be individually selected by investment and securities solution providers, system integrators and in-house development teams to enhance the functionality and competitiveness of their own products.

The suite includes advanced solutions and reporting capabilities for risk measurement and attribution, portfolio optimisation and construction, investment strategy formulation, backtesting and historical portfolio analytics.

Host systems that can incorporate Bita Jigsaw components include: institutional fund management "front office", portfolio modelling and management; performance measurement and attribution; "sell side" proprietary and program trading and private client wealth management.

Cor-RS says the Bita Jigsaw components can be integrated with other applications in a fraction of the time it would take to develop internally and the end user is not aware that they are accessing software from another source.

Simon Tizard, managing director, Cor-RS, adds that fund managers are recognising the benefit of integrating risk analysis into their investment process: "By using BITA Jigsaw components, seamlessly integrated into existing systems, other software vendors will be able to satisfy the demands of clients for advanced risk management functionality. Those clients who have previously operated separate risk systems will be able to access risk management functionality from one comprehensive system."

Cor-RS is also offering a range of professional services to support host system partners, including component sales support, implementation and integration, second line support, requirements analysis and consultancy and customised software development.

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