Italian bank accelerates e-commerce drive

Italian bank accelerates e-commerce drive

Italian bank, Popolare di Bergamo-Credito Varesino, has adopted Rainbow's CryptoSwift technology to implement a wide-ranging e-commerce business strategy.

The bank says it is intending to develop wireless banking, online trading, and home banking services accessible via Web, GSM mobile phones and a TV channel. In addition, both a B2B-marketplace joint venture and a stand-alone virtual Web bank have been initiated.

Rainbow Technologies' CryptoSwift eCommerce accelerator has been selected to optimise Web-server performance and accelerate SSL protocols for the bank's e-commerce infrastructure. The technology provides up to 1000 transactions per second, says the company, improving server response time for secure connections and freeing the Web server to perform other tasks, especially during peak load and heavy traffic periods.

Karine Guyon, manager, Emea channel sales, Rainbow Technologies, says security, speed, and reliability are becoming real concerns in the Italian IT market. "Banca Popolare di Bergamo-Credito Varesino's Internet infrastructure, using CryptoSwift, provides users with the best technology solution to improve scalability and enhance security for online financial services, while enabling these secure transactions at a much faster speed."

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