CMG introduces SMS mobile banking service

CMG introduces SMS mobile banking service

CMG has launched a new m-business service platform for the financial sector designed to reduce the costs associated with call centre support through the use of SMS text messages.

According to CMG, a typical contact centre incurs an average cost of £6 per communication transaction (of which £3.30 represents a personnel-related portion). However, the cost of auto-formatting and sending a text message could be as low as 20p, with potential savings on personnel costs estimated at up to £3 per customer contact.

CMG says its m-business service platform incorporates the consultancy and implementation service necessary for a quick roll-out, but without the need for large capital investment. As part of the package, CMG will identify the potential for both cost reduction and revenue enhancing SMS opportunities, and calculate the integration requirement (including agreed metrics and guarantees). The firm will then go on to take care of the connectivity, message capture and response, and subsequent information management.

David Mather, strategic sales director finance at CMG, says: "If businesses are at all serious about expanding their communication channels, reducing current call centre costs and adding extra value to their customers, they should be looking into SMS."

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