SSB licenses ACI Virtual Wallet

SSB licenses ACI Virtual Wallet

Italian bank-owned debit and credit card processor Societa' per i Servizi Bancari (SSB) has licensed ACI Worldwide's Virtual Wallet software for use in a national programme aimed at improving security for online consumers.

The virtual wallet forms part of the BankPass Web service that the Italian Bankers Association is promoting to strengthen Italy's online financial services. Operational since January 2002, participating banks can use BankPass to provide the ACI Virtual Wallet to their customers. Italian consumers can download the virtual wallet to a PC or access it via the Web. Once opened during an online session, users have automatic access to their payment information, and can electronically sign transactions and record receipt details for future reference.

SI Servizi, the service provider for SSB, will manage the issuance of wallets to Italian consumers.

Gian Bruno, general manager of Mazzi, Società per i Servizi Bancari, says: "In Italy, consumers are rapidly increasing their demand for e-commerce services, and at the same time, the banks require secure and convenient payment solutions. The ACI Virtual Wallet satisfies both these needs and provides a new platform to interact with customers, allowing us to acquire new ones, to promote the brand and realise cross-sell opportunities."

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