Cameron Systems negotiates rights to DrKW Euronext FIX adapter

Cameron Systems negotiates rights to DrKW Euronext FIX adapter

Cameron Systems has acquired the global sales rights for a new Euronext FIX adapter solution initially developed for internal use by Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW).

Euronext utilises a ‘non-pure’ implementation of the FIX protocol, requiring an adapter that sits between the FIX engine and Euronext to ensure straight-through processing.

Using CameronFIX, the investment bank has developed its own Euronext adapter, and has signed over the intellectual property and global sales rights for the product to Cameron Systems. Cameron Systems says it will sell the new adapter — the CameronFIX Euronext Adapter — globally.

Ian Frith, head of client connectivity, DrKW, says: "We found CameronFIX to be a very flexible engine that could be configured quickly to the specific format required when communicating with the Euronext exchange. CameronFIX together with the Euronext adapter is now in production and working well."

DrKW says it chose CameronFIX over Financial Fusion's FIX engine, which it has used in the past, due to its flexibility.

John Cameron, chief technology officer, Cameron Systems, comments: "We intended bringing a Euronext adapter to market during Q3 2002, however we found that DrKW had developed a new adapter solution using CameronFIX that was working well, and therefore we were happy to negotiate the rights for this."

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