Consors develops self-service Web portal for retail customers

Consors develops self-service Web portal for retail customers

German discount broker ConSors is to use FileNET's ( Web Content Management technology to power a new customer service portal. The ConSors financial service centre will centralise information for approximately 400,000 customer accounts into a single database, providing a central repository for both service representatives and investors to access account data.

Debis Systemhause, a FileNET business partner, is helping ConSors to develop the portal site for its retail customers. Using FileNET's Panagon Web Content Management products, ConSors plans to launch a self-service portal on the Internet that allows customers to make transactions online as well as providing immediate Web access to their financial records, including account balance and tax information.

The same system will be used to give ConSors' service agents a central point of access to customer information to review account histories and transactions while online. ConSors expects to realise a substantial savings in printing, postage, and support overhead by implementing centralised automation of its customer support.

"As competition heats up in the online brokerage market, it was necessary for ConSors to create a content service Web portal to better service our customers and give us a competitive edge in the European market," says Franz Baur, CIO of ConSors. "FileNET's Web Content Management aolution enables us to achieve a number of important corporate goals: digitise our paper records, open up new markets by offering superior customer service, and realise substantial savings in time and money for both our clients and ourselves."

ConSors plans to have its pilot Web programme operational in Germany during the fourth quarter of 2000. The company plans to expand its Web portal to service subsidiaries in France, Switzerland, Spain, and other markets later this and next year. ConSors anticipates that more than 40 percent of customers will move to the new portal.

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