Bloomberg launches pay-per-view news archive

Bloomberg launches pay-per-view news archive has unveiled a searchable news archive offering pay-per-view access to backdated news stories.

The archive is accessible from the Bloomberg homepage and is searchable by company name or by ticker symbol for publicly traded companies with shares that are trading on US markets. Users can also search for articles using a drop-down menu that includes specific news categories such as technology, health care, the Internet, and financial services.

After the search is activated, users will receive the headlines of all articles pertaining to the chosen criteria, along with the date and number of words for each article. Visitors will be able to download and print selected stories, as well as receive online access for 30 days to each of the stories purchased, for a fee of $2.50 per article.

The personal finance Web site attracted more than 205 million page views in August 2000.

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