Interpay goes live with CR2 acquiring solution

Interpay goes live with CR2 acquiring solution

Interpay Nederland, the Dutch bank payment body, has gone live with CR2's CardWorld Acquirer solution for payments processing of Visa transactions in the Netherlands.

CardWorld Acquirer is a merchant acquiring and accounting solution, which manages the authorisation, routing, capture and settlement of transactions from merchant systems.

Interpay already uses CR2 technology for the processing of MasterCard transactions.

The new solution will allow Interpay to process two million multi-currency transactions a year, says the company.

Rob Fopma, general manager credit card services at Interpay, says: "We also intend to extend the type of transactions processed through the CR2 CardWorld Acquirer products, from Visa/MasterCard to mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) transactions, to other brands."

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