HKEx revises market data pricing

HKEx revises market data pricing

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) is to introduce a new pay-as-you-go pricing package for occasional users of its market data feed.

Proposed charges under the new market data package - based upon usage duration - will run at a base rate of HK$0.1 per minute for a continuous stream of real-time data, subject to a minimum aggregate usage charge of HK$50 per month. All subscribers for per quote or per unit time data will have their aggregate usage charge capped at HK$250 per month.

The exchange is also proposing to abolish separate charges for options and futures market data. Current subscribers will be able to receive data from both options and futures markets so long as they continue to subscribe to the futures market data, and will thereby enjoy a 50% reduction in subscription fees.

The revised pricing is part of a package of fee reductions across HKEx's operations designed to increase the exchange's competitiveness.

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