GTA contracts with Interpay for global trust network

GTA contracts with Interpay for global trust network

The Global Trust Authority (GTA), a bank-backed Internet security group, has selected Interpay of the Netherlands to operate the root key of its proposed digital ID service. Interpay will use Entrust Technologies' public-key infrastructure (PKI) solutions as the foundation for the proposed system.

Based in Belgium, the GTA represents over 800 banks world-wide and has been established to build a trusted network for consumers and organisations to transact in confidence over online networks.

The GTA root key enables the establishment of a network of GTA PKIs which allow member financial institutions to conduct secure business transactions. Interpay, an interbank payments processor, already operates three Certification Authorities (CAs) using Entrust's technology.

"This announcement marks a significant step forward in the evolution of the GTA," says John Tunstall, managing director of the GTA. "The creation of the GTA root key will open the door for the introduction of applications by the GTA members that will provide a trusted service to the market in compliance with the European Directive on electronic signature."

The GTA is registered in Belgium and represent financial institutions from Spain, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

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